CreativeTime Attendance Software

CreativeTime is Web and Mobile based software solution to track and manage employees' paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types.

CreativeTime Attendance Management Software is a fully automated, power-packed and affordable solution to manage employee attendance, generate comprehensive reports, leave management, absence management, shift management.

CreativeTime Software gives companies freedom to grow business and gives you a choice to use Mobile App (iOS & Android) or Web App (integrated with ZKteco devices). The Mobile App offers quick and easy employee attendance reporting right from the smartphones.

CreativeTime Attendance Software Built for Everyone

One of the best product from Creative Solutions, Attendance Management Software is build specially for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Companies

Easy To Use

Imagine working on a system that is super easy to use and does not require a degree in IT. The system is easy to configure, easy to operate and even easier to get results and reports when you need them.

Multi Authentication

Amid Covid, attendance system has taken a 360 degree turn in the types of authentications being used. Authentication via facial recognition has become the industry standards. The system is capable of handling multiple authentication types, like Facial, Biometric, RFID and Pin Code, or combination of any two.


People in business are always on the move, and they require a system that can be used while on the field. That's where our mobile app comes to the rescue. The system can not only lock in the geolocation of the check-in/check-outs but also gives the timekeeper detailed report with the locations of the activity. Plus, the system can also permit or deny attendance activity if an employee is not at a certain permitted location.

CreativeTime Attendance Software Features

All the stuff you need and none that you don’t, makes this a must have app.

Employee Personnel records.
Multiple Shifts assignment.
Leave or holiday management.
Powerful and user-friendly employee search.
Easy Reports generation.
Daily, Monthly, Late / Absent (Single and Dual Shift Reports)
Employee Iqama tracking and Machine tracking.
ADMS technology for live attendance transactions.
attendance management software riyadh

We integrate all type of payroll and ERP softwares

SMS notifications are sent to all designated users upon late arrivals to office. This solution allows you to take your employee work data directly to payroll.

Integration with Windows Active Directory to manage organization hierarchy workflow for approval.

Daily, Monthly, Late / Absent (Single and Dual Shift Reports), Excel, Detailed, Summary Reports.

DBMS technology for highest level of data integration and safety.

CreativeTime Mobile App


Geo Fencing
Assign a geofence to permit or restrict a check-in/out at a certain location or keep it open for mission critical staff to check-in / check-out from anywhere.

mocking locations

Restrict Mocking of Locations
An employee will not be able to mock their geo-location to present false check-in / check-out.

attendance operation control

Operational Control
In addition to check-in/out, generate reports the app also gives you the flexibility to apply for a leave, objections & much more. Managers can approve leaves & objections via the smartphone on the go.

attendance software
attendance software applications
multi platform application

The mobile app is available both for iOS & Android making it multi-platform.

user friendly mobile app

User-Friendly Interface
As an employee will be on the go, we have made efforts to keep the navigation to the simplest.
And also the mobile app is available both in English & Arabic, making it user friendly.

attendance reports

Generate consolidated report from both the static machines and mobile app data, generate a report based on geolocation.

We Support all ZKTeco Biometric, Face and RFID Devices.

Zkteco's attendance devices are best in quality and one of the top sold items in bio-metric attendance market.

iClock 700

iClock 700 Bio, Finger print & RFID Device is a Time and Attendance and access control terminal with incorporated fingerprint sensor, 3’5 TFT display and internal backup battery. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations. We are top name in providing Time and attendance systems in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Professional Firmware Version with advanced features
  • New Push SDK 3.0 for Real Time and Cloud Systems
  • Fully configurable Attendance Events,Accrued balances management per user
  • Pendrive download structure defined by user,Multi verification by user
  • Function keys definition by weekday and time range,Access Control functions

U160-C / U260-C Attendance Device

U160-C / U260-C is a biometric fingerprint Time and Attendance terminal with 3’’ TFT display. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for small installations. It can connect to Time and Attendance management software by Ethernet or USB port, and also operate on standalone mode, downloading data by USB Pendrive. Optionally,it can incorporate a proximity reader.

  • Incorporates high precision Sensor for registering 10 fingerprints per user.
  • Optionally can be installed with proximity reader EM, Mifare or HID.
  • Allows communication with PC through Ethernet and USB port.
  • Stores up to 30000 users and cards,Stores up to 100.000 log records.

Zkteco F18 Attendance and Access Control Device

F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The F18 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The device offers the flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit Wiegand.TCP/IP and RS485 are available that the device can be used in different network.

  • Fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate optical sensor.
  • 1 touch a-second user recognition.
  • Stores 1,500 templates, 5,000 cards and 30,000 transactions.
  • Reads Fingerprint and/or Card,Optional integrated smart card reader ,Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports.
  • Tamper-proofs switch and alarm outputs,Request-to-exit and alarm contacts.
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers.

iFace 401 / iFace 402 Face Recognition Attendance Device

iFace401/402 multi-biometric identification Time and Attendance and Access Control terminal adopts latest platform with algorithm and large capacity memory. With the upgraded hardware, it can now store up to 1200 face templates. It integrates with 800MHz high speed Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera which enables user identification in the dark environment.Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power failure.

  • Identification methods include Face, Fingerprint (402)/RFID (401)/Password.
  • Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
  • Elegant ergonomic design, 4.3’’ TFT touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive
  • 6 user-defined function keys,Contact relays for door access control (wires to door strike or 3rd party panel)
  • Web server management software via IE browser,Optional extendable scheduled-bell.
  • Infra-red optical system enables user identification in poorly lit environments.
  • Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
  • Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
  • Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels

uFace800 Attendance Device

uFace800 facial multi-biometric time & attendance and access control terminal supports up to 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional). With ZKTeco latest hardware platfrom and algorithm, it offers brand new UI and user-friendly operation interface to provide smooth user experience. With advanced face algorithm and multi biometric verification technology, the terminal's security level of verification is significantly enhanced.

  • 3,000 face and 4,000 fingerprint templates
  • Multi-language and High verification speed.
  • Advanced and user-friendly UI,6 user-defined function keys.
  • Optional built-in battery backup, providingapproximately 4 hours of continuous operation
  • New Framework firmware, easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
  • One face template is registered for one user only.
  • Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification
  • Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
  • Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
  • Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels

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